analogue desk digital desk

if you feel like you're repeating yourself and your work is starting to imitate itself, have a go at something like this:

i plopped a secondary desk in the middle of my living room and it is an exclusively analogue desk - color pencils, glue, tape, paper, stencils, etc. having electronic tools stripped away, i'm working strictly with my hands. and hands, i suppose, don't hesitate as much as they would on a laptop keyboard as when you're holding scissors and glue. they just take the wheel away from you and go go. next thing you know, you made something totally fresh that you can't even take credit for, because you don't know who just jumped inside your koNtRoLfReAk body and splish splashed a bunch of color + feel. 

been a nice time at the flux haus + my work looks like nothing i've made before. the living room looks a little messier but i'll find a remedy for that too. 

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under one enveloping umbrella

this is a tiny corner of a projekt i've been working on for the past 30 days.

today marks the last day of my 30 day projekt and for once I did something consistently for 30 days. fuckin' a, the number of 30 day challenges i've started with hope, and abandoned with shame. i did miss a few days here + there...but i made up for it the next day each time. soooo, it counts.

this projekt was a little different. it was just for fun. i gave myself permission to spend an hour +/- of my free time everyday to play around on something that's not directly related to my music career, for no other objective than to enjoy my time at my desk. i get down on myself for lacking discipline, work ethic, and you name it, all the time. but thankfully i journal a lot and sometimes get a rare flash of a nice idea to try. so i suppose 31 days ago i had a flash of a thought in my morning writing that if i'm gonna teach myself discipline, positive habits and learn to keep my own appointments, i need to practice and maybe this time start from a place of fun. all my 30 day challenges in the past were just hard. not the kind of stuff that made me launch out of bed with obsessive itches + craving.

but this worked. i got up at 6am, at 4am, and whenever...with excitement! playtime waiting for me. yes yes. and like i was hoping i strengthened my discipline muscle a little. i can just feel it. 

through this objective-free/for-fun-only projekt i happened upon a way to tie my various creative endeavors together under one enveloping umbrella. for years i took creative time away from one discipline to nurture another, in guilt-ridden circles, round + around, without one discipline ever advancing fast enough for my liking. and now i think i can make all this work together with gravity towards each other and a leg up for all of them little ladies. my creative purpose doesn't feel so scattered anymore. what? are you kidding me? i'm throwing a big parade in my head from how thrilling this is. 

all what am i trying to communicate to you that's worth your reading time? 

start something for fun. let that thing breathe and drive you where it wants to take you. if you drive, you're more likely than not going to drive down the same old familiar paths you know and never end up anywhere new. and one day is not enough. let the thing drive you around everyday for a while. ooh, i'm excited for where you're gonna go. send a postcard. 

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hose down thy boredom // level thy mood

it’s dinner time. am I eating because I’m hungry?

resistance creeps up into my workflow and everything starts to itch. i stop. open instagram. sometimes it’s one of those days where i’ve deleted all my black hole apps. so i eat something instead. if this lines up with the ‘appropriate’ time for supper, i don’t see what it is i’m really doing.

these socially normal mood leveling behaviors // drugs prevent me from feeling anything all the way. bliss. boredom. though i'm aware that it’s going through these extremes where the genuine feeling of being alive lies. maybe a thorough observance through an episode of boredom will light up how utterly BORING it is to be bored, so snapping back out will be sweet. enthusiastic. maybe sit with the void. move on. repeat if i have to.

everything should be beautiful

i typically don't go to niche museums but i was at the tiny old village of gräfrath in germany for a day + came across deutsches klingenmuseum (german blade museum). for some reason i went in. 

what i learned in my 2 hours there:

trivial tools that are basic commodities in our daily lives were once intricate ornate pieces of art that took loads of time to make. before there was social media and a constant flow of entertainment + stimulants in people's lives, they made things into art that didn't need to be art.

everything is a design object. everything should aesthetically please us, be beautiful.

form + funktion. together. 


since i like you and you like me too, i thought i'd share a movie i recently discovered that touched my heart and is charming to the moon. beginners. it's filled with great art too, drawn be the director, mike mills. 


christopher plummer, my first man crush as captain von trapp, gave a devastating performance in this role for which he won an oscar. melanie laurent + ewan mcgregor are magic. 







bravo to the parents that inspire their children to express themselves artistically, especially in non traditional ways. even in western cultures, parents are much more likely to put their daughters in ballet and piano lessons instead of say drums and presenting the world to them in a unisex fashion. allowing children to spend their 10,000 hours towards things they connect with, without hiding and boxing away any options, will change how men and women view, respect, and love each other.

ahhh this girl!!! what a badass! i'm picturing her as an itty bitty kid practicing to get to this point and it makes me happy.

go nurture some outliers!

video here

living quarters

Yesterday I got a chance to go to the Brewery Art Walk with friends. It's nice to leave the studio and see what other artists are putting out into the world. I especially like seeing art at the Brewery, because you get to see the artists' living quarters. I wanna live there but they don't lease space to musicians. Next time I'll tell them I'm an author from because that's the quietest art profession, Portugal because if I'm lying about being an author, why stop there? I can be an author from Portugal who grew up helping with the family textile printing business. My hobby: composing fragrant healing oils. Harmless creature.

pelle + vera + will

pelle + vera + will

lower self

lower self

I'd like to ride this bmw bike with a dozen orange kittens in the side-car. 

I'd like to ride this bmw bike with a dozen orange kittens in the side-car. 

earth day

I've been thinking I wanna get a few friends together and plant some trees for Earth Day. I've been recording and working on my live show nonstop though and until I can get everyone together for serious heavy duty tree planting, some herb gardening will have to do.

I planted some basil, parsley, mint and dill yesterday. They're outside my house on the way down to my studio, which makes for a serious feel good moment before I get into the studio. I recommend it! 


One day I'll graduate to this magnificent herb wall!

herb garden wall.jpg

Happy Earth Day everyone!