since i like you and you like me too, i thought i'd share a movie i recently discovered that touched my heart and is charming to the moon. beginners. it's filled with great art too, drawn be the director, mike mills. 


christopher plummer, my first man crush as captain von trapp, gave a devastating performance in this role for which he won an oscar. melanie laurent + ewan mcgregor are magic. 







bravo to the parents that inspire their children to express themselves artistically, especially in non traditional ways. even in western cultures, parents are much more likely to put their daughters in ballet and piano lessons instead of say drums and presenting the world to them in a unisex fashion. allowing children to spend their 10,000 hours towards things they connect with, without hiding and boxing away any options, will change how men and women view, respect, and love each other.

ahhh this girl!!! what a badass! i'm picturing her as an itty bitty kid practicing to get to this point and it makes me happy.

go nurture some outliers!

video here

living quarters

Yesterday I got a chance to go to the Brewery Art Walk with friends. It's nice to leave the studio and see what other artists are putting out into the world. I especially like seeing art at the Brewery, because you get to see the artists' living quarters. I wanna live there but they don't lease space to musicians. Next time I'll tell them I'm an author from because that's the quietest art profession, Portugal because if I'm lying about being an author, why stop there? I can be an author from Portugal who grew up helping with the family textile printing business. My hobby: composing fragrant healing oils. Harmless creature.

pelle + vera + will

pelle + vera + will

lower self

lower self

I'd like to ride this bmw bike with a dozen orange kittens in the side-car. 

I'd like to ride this bmw bike with a dozen orange kittens in the side-car. 

earth day

I've been thinking I wanna get a few friends together and plant some trees for Earth Day. I've been recording and working on my live show nonstop though and until I can get everyone together for serious heavy duty tree planting, some herb gardening will have to do.

I planted some basil, parsley, mint and dill yesterday. They're outside my house on the way down to my studio, which makes for a serious feel good moment before I get into the studio. I recommend it! 


One day I'll graduate to this magnificent herb wall!

herb garden wall.jpg

Happy Earth Day everyone!