analogue desk digital desk

^ a page from mossbüch (what i'm calling my notebook these days)

if you feel like you're repeating yourself and your work is starting to imitate itself, have a go at something like this:

i plopped a secondary desk in the middle of my living room and it is an exclusively analogue desk - color pencils, glue, tape, paper, stencils, etc. having electronic tools stripped away, i'm working strictly with my hands. and hands, i suppose, don't hesitate as much as they would on a laptop keyboard as when you're holding scissors and glue. they just take the wheel away from you and go go. next thing you know, you made something totally fresh that you can't even take credit for, because you don't know who just jumped inside your koNtRoLfReAk body and splish splashed a bunch of color + feel. 

been a nice time at the flux haus + my work looks like nothing i've made before. the living room looks a little messier but i'll find a remedy for that too. 

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