read read read read read

 ^ a page from mossbüch (what i'm calling my notebook these days)

 ^ a page from mossbüch (what i'm calling my notebook these days)

i don't know how many werner herzog interviews i've consumed...but at some point in each interview he serves up this platter of advice that goes like this: "read read read read read..."

and of course, someone thought to cut these bits all into one 3 minute video

current schools are expensive, filled up with cheap curriculum + noise that keep you occupied and in your seat throughout your day for whatever reason. education, however, can be cheap + even free. you can read read read read read, and who your parents are, where you grow up, all your disadvantages become irrelevant - because despite everything, you've given yourself access to the spirits of the greatest.

i can come up with a whole list of 'disadvantages' in my life that could've shaped me to be a total dummy, but at some point i became a reader, and look at me now. uh...yeah. sometimes i went through cornflake best sellers. sometimes i happened upon brilliant reads. random path that gets curated more + more to my taste. i wish someone::something nudged me in this direction when i was a single digit person, or even a teen. but whatever...that's more hunger + longing i can throw at the thing now. i'm into it.

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