wealth of objekts

^digital collage of a page out of my mossbüch

^digital collage of a page out of my mossbüch

magic markers cost over $100 when they were first introduced in the 1900s! i would have to be a rich-on-paper person to be making the art i make now if this were the 50s. but today i can throw my markers around + not know where half of them are. 

life lesson: seemingly basic objects we're granted daily contact with came from a lineage of devotion + invention and have gone through decades of refinement to take shape in their modern state. objects that make us far richer than the people who came before us. something to wonder about...i have access i am rich. i have access i am rich. what am i making with it of it from it?

history lesson:

  • 1944 - walter j de groft patented a 'marking pen' that held ink in liquid form in its handle + used a felt tip
  • 1953 - sidney rosenthal invented the first modern + usable 'magic marker' and started selling it
  • 1964 - this patent became a 'sharpie' pen