capitalism dressed up as wellness

^ collage from my mossbüch

why is most of the content lifestyle bloggers + people with giant wellness empires post is dressed up ads for countless brands that are subliminally sprinkled in their picture-perfect kitchens + beauty cabinets? products that are supposed to aid in your ‘wellness’ and help you ‘live your best life’. i understand their business model is to be sponsored by said brands, but to package it as wellness is sneaky + toxic. another big contribution to addict everyone to shop online everyday for more things that they absolutely do not need, and seek ways to fill their ever expanding emptiness...all for the purpose of more beauty + youth. this crazy dependence to stuff that’s supposed to make us well is the opposite of wellness. we click on the ‘skip ad’ button when we see advertisement that shows up on our screens the traditional way, but these wellness accounts are gorgeous and curated so beautifully that we ourselves go to them willingly, for ‘inspiration’. we follow them so we won’t miss their ads on our feed. it’s a big lie and i hate the whole thing.